Hibachi Grill & Supreme Buffet


Chinese, Japanese

Price Range : $11-30 ($$)

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    2.5 stars


Adress: 4600 Durham-Chapel Hill Blvd Ste 2, Durham, NC 27707

Phone: (919) 403-8888

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  • Art T.

    star star star star star_border 27 February 2021

    Ok so you have to know what you are getting into, and how to negotiate the food.

    A lot of it is standard faire that tastes similarly.

    I eat from the grill - I load up on shrimp and veggies and they cook it for you fresh. This is always delicious.

    My kids love all the rest of it. Everyone is happy and stuffed.

  • Lilly W.

    star star star_border star_border star_border 25 February 2021

    I came here on a whim with some friends. We were originally going to go to Thai China Buffet but I wasn't sure if they were open since it was Memorial Day and they were not answering their phones.

    Food: 3 out of 5
    The food selection was very large. Some of the items were labeled as dinner items so I'm assuming that those items only come out during dinner. However, some dishes were mislabelled so it was hard to tell what it really was and I didn't feel like asking. This would be a big problem for those who have allergies. The lo mein tasted like it had been sitting in the dish for a long time and the noodles were very choppy and short. The sweet and sour chicken also tasted like it had been out there for a while. Some of the items were either lukewarm or hot.

    They had a lot of American dishes such as chicken nuggets, macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes, and yeast rolls. These dishes probably cater to little children and they were surprisingly cooked pretty well.

    The sushi location looked very clean and the Philadelphia roll was delicious.

    I did not try the hibachi area because the ingredients didn't look fresh.

    Their fruit and dessert selection was large, but it wasn't really satisfying. The fruit was lukewarm and it was not sweet. The cakes I tried were way too sweet for me.

    Price: 2.5 out of 5
    It was ~$14 for a buffet and a soft drink. I think it's worth it for the selection and variety that you get, but it's little higher than what I would've wanted for lukewarm food and lack of service.

    Service/Environment: 2 out of 5
    When we walked in, there was nobody at the hostess stand. There were 3 people at the cashier island beside us and none of them offered to help. They just kept staring at us as we stared at them. Finally, a hostess came back and led us to a table. The booths have cushion seats that are all torn up and no longer have a black cover. Instead, it's a seat with bits and pieces of black cover left. The waitress took away the plates but didn't refill our drinks. My drink went all the way to empty before she came and took away our plates. I kept looking at her as if she would replace the drink but she never did. Finally, I asked. I guess their policy is to not refill until we ask for it even when it's empty.

    Overall, I would not come back. After looking at the reviews, I'm really surprised I didn't get food poisoning.

  • Mark H.

    star star star star star_border 21 February 2021

    Alright, all the haters out there giving this place poor reviews need to chill the heck out. It's a Chinese buffet in a strip mall, not Ruth's Chris steakhouse. Don't come in with some ridiculous expectations. I come here regularly for lunch during the week and the price is great, walked out today for $9.55 for a Tuesday lunch with water to drink. The selection is great. You wanna have pizza and sushi? You freaking do it. Mac'n'cheese and beef and broccoli? You know it! Whatever floats your goat or straddles your cattle. This is a judgment free zone where you can eat what you want, and do so until you need to be rolled out in a wheelbarrow with your sweatpants split down the side. Is it super high quality? No. But it's what you expect of a Chinese buffet and better. You can also get hibachi and a ton of different desserts, salad, and fruit. This place is about you doing you, and if others can't understand that they can go eat at chili's and cry into their baby back ribs while pretending to tell themselves they're eating a quality meal. If you don't like hibachi then you don't like being American, or Chinese American, or Chinese, or anything else that makes this country amazing.

  • Angel T.

    star star star star star_border 15 February 2021

    Okay I've been here enough to finally write a review. I will say that despite the 4 star rating the typical Asian cuisine was just okay. Edible but a lot of it was mediocre. The four star is mainly for the cleanliness, customer service, variety and the SEAFOOD. The crab, crawfish and shrimp/prawns are really really good (calamari okay). And considering it's a buffet meaning all you can eat it's just a great deal. The prices are fair. As far as variety there are plenty of options on the bars, even pizza, mac n cheese, chicken nuggets, fries and bread for my little ones. They have soup and a salad bar as well as some cold seafood options. There is also fresh fruit. Of course they have hibachi and that is where you can customize your order if the typical buffet food isn't doin it for ya. I never get sushi from buffets, it's always a road to disappointment. I tried it for the sake of trying and yep...... nope. Never again. It's just not good sushi but it's what I expect from buffets so no harm no foul. The desserts are just okay as well but the Chinese donuts are ALWAYS perfect (not on the dessert bar). They are always warm with a crispy exterior and fluffy interior. Actually all the food is always warm/hot and fresh. I've never been disappointed in that regards. Some items I really like and others not so much but that's the buffet life. I mean the seafood here will keep me coming back. I don't know how they season this stuff but the flavor is so unique. It's not your old bay calabash flavor, just their own touch and I love it lol.

    Customer service is always good. They clear the tables promptly and our drinks never even get half gone before the refill. There is constantly someone walking around sweeping the floors as well.

    I generally don't go for buffets but when I have my children with me it's always the best bet. No one wants to hear a billion times "wheeennn is my food coming, I'm hungry, is that mine?" So this buffet is our go to because it has something for their kiddy taste buds and my adult ones as well. I don't feel like I have to compromise/settle when I come here. For the price, quality, and variety this is always a win for us.

  • Andy C.

    star star star_border star_border star_border 11 February 2021

    Meh. Your usual chinese buffet where you can fill up on your standard chinese food at a very cheap cost. Overall, the place feels kinda icky- but that's pretty much the norm for all buffets now. Some foods were hot and others were cold- again, like most buffets. The salt and pepper shrimp was pretty good as well as the soft shell crabs, while others like the dumplings and fried foods were cold and bland. The sushi are like sushi bites- very small and not worth your fork. The meal was going pretty decent until I got to the end- I found a piece of saran wrap in my fruit!!! Now I know I shouldn't really even being getting fruit at a buffet, but finding the saran wrap made rethink about all the food I ate.

    All in all- this place is worth the occasional visit to get your cheap chinese food every once in a while- but it's definitely nothing special.

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